Usually the structural of Dome is nearly similar to the structural of Shell which can resist the actual force more than the structural of Plain structure. The actual force occurred can distribute overall the structure. Therefore, Dome structure is thin when compared with the general structure. Less concrete and less reinforcement which are the advantages of Dome structure make the most
satisfy to the architecture and the design engineer.
To construct the Dome structure following the Architector and the Design Engineer is not so easy due to the curve and bend formwork. Shoring the curve and bend formwork is difficult in practical
and makes high cost and time loss. TPC KOOL WALL is well-known used by the Architector and Design Engineer in using this kind of material to update the new technology.



  • Minimum ultimate compressive strength shall not less than 280 ksc. cylinder at 28 days.
  • High early strength Portland cement is used and cement content shall not less than 300 kgs. per cubic metre.


  • Using the Round bars in class SR24
  • Using the Deformed bars in class SD40
  • Using the Cold drawn bars in class FY 5500


  • EPS : Expanded Polystylene Foam is used for weight reducing and for adjust the shape according to the architectural design.


  • The thickness, reinforcement and size of EPS are strictly controlled by only the design engineer.