Foundation is the main part of structure in construction work. The strong foundation relates to good quality pile. TPC prestressed concrete pile is produced under quality control and up-to-date machine. There are many types and sections of piles to be selected for using in the various condition. TPC pile is followed Thailand Industrial Standard TIS 396-2549.

To select the type, cross-sectional area and length of pile must be considered to the bending moment required. For the special case, TPC can propose the alternative design to clients.



  • Minimum ultimate compressive strength shall not less than 350 ksc. cylinder at 28 days.
  • Minimum transfer strength shall not less than 245 ksc cylinder.
  • High early strength Portland cement is used and cement content shall not less than 350 kgs. per cubic metre.


  • PC. Wire Ø 4,5 mm. and PC.7-Wire strand Ø 3/8” , Ø1/2” (Grade 270 k) are used and minimum breaking strength is about 16,500-18,500 ksc.
  • Minimum force transfer to concrete shall not be less than 70% of breaking strength.


  • Allowable safe load depends on soil condition.