n the developed countries, most buildings are suitable for construction in precast concrete. To
avoid many problems on site such as the skill labours shortage, the materials wastage and the time
loss during construction, the precast concrete facade panel is one of concrete elements to speed of
construction and to control of quality.
The advantages in using the precast concrete facade are as follows ;
1. Better standard size due to the pre-designation and the production from the standardized
and controlled factory.
2. Better standard quality and durability due to the high early strength of concrete. Ensure that
more compressive strength and shrinkage reducing we can get and furthermore minimum 50
years long life.
3. Speed of construction is a major consideration. The reason is not only in fast erection, but
also in the fact that whilst the foundation works are carried out on site, the precast concrete facade
are manufactured at the factory at the same time.
4. Optimum cost due to the materials wastage in the simple brick wall and no costing for
external plastering work.
5. Precast concrete facade offers a wide range of top quality finished in a panoply of colors
and textures.
Many of the medium or huge buildings such as condominium, apartment, housing, department
store and factories are therefore well-known in using the precast concrete facade.



  • Minimum ultimate compressive strength shall not less than 280 ksc. cylinder at 28 days.
  • High early strength Portland cement is used and cement content shall not less than 300 kgs. per cubic metre.


  • Using the Round bars in class SR24
  • Using the Deformed bars in class SD40
  • Using the Cold drawn bars in class FY 5500


  • The thickness, the sizing, the reinforcement and embedded steel plate are designed by only the expert engineers.