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TPC corrugated concrete sheet pile is produced under quality control and up-to-date machine. All processes of the production are strongly concentrated by the engineers and supervisors. Our products are well-known used for the permanent and also temporary retaining wall. Our innovative design is more suitable safe, and economy when compare with general steel sheet pile. TPC corrugated concrete sheet piles can be designed for all construction cases and the construction sequence required.

To select the cross-sectional area, length, the bending moment and the shear force, TPC corrugated concrete sheet pile must be designed and calculated by only the specialized engineer. The design and method of construction must be considered and suggested to the contractors. Also the method of construction is strictly controlled by the civil engineer at site.



  • Minimum ultimate compressive strength shall not less than 500 ksc. cylinder at 28 days.
  • Minimum transfer strength shall not less than 350 ksc. cylinder.
  • High early strength Portland cement is used and cement content shall not less than 450 kgs. per cubic metre.


  • PC.7-Wire-strand Ø3/8″ and Ø1/2″ (Grade 270k) are used and minimum breaking strength is about 16,500-18,500 ksc.
  • Minimum force transfer to concrete shall not be less than 70% of breaking strength.


  • Allowable bending moment and shear force depend on soil condition and external surcharge load.