In the develop countries most buildings are suitable for conventional method of construction. One factor to enable the good quality to the construction is formwork method.
Generally the steel formwork and timber formwork are mostly used in the construction anyhow if they are not designed and installed by the engineers or the specialists, may cause the defect work & time loss due to unstrongly formwork and/or mis-shoring.
With the various reasons nowadays the main contractors mostly prefer to use the Precast concrete Formwork instead of the steel and timber formwork for foundation & ground beam.
The advantages in using the Precast concrete Formwork are as follows ;
1. Better standard size due to the pre-designation and the production from the standardized and controlled factory.
2. Better standard quality and durability due to the high early strength concrete, therefore they can resist the bending & shear force better than normal grade concrete.
3. Speed of construction is a major construction. Using the precast concrete formwork we can go forward no need to wait for the demoulding.
4. Optimum cost due to the materials wastage in the method of steel formwork or timber formwork. Many of the medium or huge buildings such as condominium, apartment, housing, department store and factory are therefore well known in using the precast concrete formwork.