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TPC has been designed, manufactured and installed total precast  concrete members together with cast in-situ basement for Thai Merry 2 at  Kratumband district Samutsakhon.

TPC has been designed, manufactured and installed total precast concrete members together with cast in-situ basement for Thai Merry 2 at Kratumband district Samutsakhon.

 By Admin  22 ส.ค. 2559

                  TPC Prestressed concrete Co.,Ltd has been successfully delivered total precast concrete members together with cast in-situ basement for Thai Merry 2 that belonged to Rompradurangsi Co.Ltd at Kratumband district Samutsakhon.The company’s engineering team has designed,manufactured and installed prefabricated structure.The project is about 20 millions baht.The project duration is fromAug 2015 to Oct 2015.

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