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TPC has been designed, manufactured and  installed precast concrete walls for the construction of Supernap  Thailand Data Centre Project.

TPC has been designed, manufactured and installed precast concrete walls for the construction of Supernap Thailand Data Centre Project.

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         TPC Prestressed concrete Co.,Ltd.  has been designed,manufactured and installed precast concrete walls for the construction of Supernap Thailand Data Centre Project that is mainly contracted by Thai Obayashi Corp.Ltd.(TOC) at Hemaraj Chonburi Industrial Estate : Hemaraj CIE 2.The scope of the project is casting and installation the precast ‘tilt-up’ concrete panels. The surface of pc wall is about 12,000  sq-m.           The average weight of one panel is 30~50 tons.The technique for erecting pc panel is unique.Supernap project is the first pilot project in asia.This is made by TPC group.The total cost of this project is about 42millions baht.Project started in Mar 2016 and finished in June 2016 (4months).

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