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TPC has been designed, manufactured and installed precast concrete  products for the construction of 230 KV Ayutthaya 4 Substation,  Ayutthaya Province.

TPC has been designed, manufactured and installed precast concrete products for the construction of 230 KV Ayutthaya 4 Substation, Ayutthaya Province.

 By Admin  22 ส.ค. 2559

                TPC Prestressed concrete Co.,Ltd.  has been designed, manufactured and installed precast concrete products for the construction of 230 KV substation project at Ayutthaya offered by DEMCO Public Company Limited. Precast structure is first of its kind to apply in substation construction of EGAT,Thailand and will be assisted local people by distributing enough electricity in near future.

Total precast member is worth about 12 millions baht. Project started in February, 2015 and finished in April, 2016.  Total construction period has been taken about 3 months.  

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